Coins & Currency

Coins & Currency

Coin collecting has been around since the 7th century B.C. when coins were first introduced in the Kingdom of Lydia, which is now an area of present-day Turkey, and by the Renaissance in Europe, it had even evolved into a hobby worthy of kings. It should come as no surprise that the hobby has continued to grow and there are now new and optimized ways of organizing your coin collection, as well as your currency.

Coin Tubes and Coin Folder

One of the easy ways for you to organize your collection is with coin storage tubes, coin flips, coin snaps and coin boxes. Coin tubes, for example, are an affordable way to store a larger number of coins, and they are offered in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your specific coin collection. Flip coin holders are another simple way to not only store your coins but also to show them off.

From coin tubes to coin folders, there are a number of ways that you can protect your coins to either store or display your favorite coin collection.

Currency Albums

Collecting currency is a great hobby for kids and adults, and there are a great many ways to organize your collection with albums and currency folders. These enable you to protect and organize your currency in a way that you can still showcase the bills and banknotes in your collection.

Hobbymaster offers a wide range of money collecting supplies to keep you amassing your treasures in an organized way. Coin and currency albums are a great way to showcase your passion, but there are many more options.