Matchcover Links

Matchcover Links


Rathkamp Matchcover Society
The largest and oldest of the clubs. Newsletter, an annual convention, and more. 

Associated Matchcover Clubs of California (AMCAL)
AMCAL is comprised of Angelus Matchcover Club, Long Beach Matchcover Club, San Diego Matchcover Club and Sierra Diablo Matchcover Club.

American Matchcover Collecting Club (AMMC)
Appeals to the experienced collector. Publishes the Front Striker Bulletin, runs mail and online auctions. 

Empire Matchcover Club
A New York based club.

Sierra-Diablo Matchcover Club
A San Francisco, California area regional club with an international presence.

British Matchbox Label and Booklet Society(BML&BS).
A club focused on collecting matchbox labels as well as matchbooks and matchcovers.

For more club information, click here.

Personal Sites

The Vault
An excellent, very comprehensive collecting site by Mike Prero. Mike is the editor of several club newsletters, and he has posted hundreds of his articles here.

Lilek's Matchbook Museum
Hundreds of vintage matchbooks are artfully arranged and displayed with a little story about each one. Updated every Monday by James Lileks, a well known Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist.

"I Can't Believe You Collect That"
This is an article describing illegal casino matchbooks from the Illegal Collectors Club newsletter.

Bob Jacobs' personal site
A good introduction to matchbox labels.

Auction, Buying & Selling Sites 

Huge on-line auction with many matchcovers listed. 

American Matchcover Collecting Club (AMMC)
Runs online and mail auctions.

Matchbook Manufacturers 

D. D. Bean & Co.
U.S. matchbook manufacturing company. 

Atlas Match
U.S. matchbook manufacturing company.

Other Hobbies

Lottery Ticket Collecting is another fun hobby that Hobbymaster pages work great for. Check out Global Lottery Collector's Society for information.

Hobbymasters is a complete retail hobby store and online retailer of traditional hobby products. (They are not affiliated with us, but have a similar name, so we're kind of partial to them.)