Archival Vinyl Coin Flips with Inserts

$12.75 $12.29

These clear plastic flips are an easy and practical way to store, display, and protect your coins.

Simply slide your coin into one of the flip's two pockets and fold. No sealing or stapling is needed.

White paper inserts are included so you can write details about the coin. The inserts also provide a nice visual background for your coin (not pictured).

Archival Safe

They are made of quality unplasticized vinyl with lower levels of softeners than ordinary soft vinyl flips, so they are safer for long-term storage. (For an even higher level of archival protection, check out out Saflips.)

The flips have slightly rounded corners. They fold to 2" x 2" and fit perfectly into 20-pocket pages or our coin storage box.



One size fits all coins, casino flips & tokens, etc. Packaged 100 flips per pack. Prices are per pack.