Saflip Coin Flips

$12.15 $9.99

These premium clear plastic flips are the best way store, display, and protect your finest coins.

Simply slide your coin into one of Saflip's two pockets and fold. No sealing or stapling is needed, though they can be heat sealed with an impulse sealer if desired.

Archival Safe

They are made of quality PET (not vinyl), an inert, flexible and archival material similar to the Mylar brand. They are deal for preservation, long term storage and submissions to the grading services. These flips are a must when handling raw proof coins and other prized coins. They are made in USA from material made in USA.

Saflips fold in half to 2" x 2" and fit perfectly into 20-pocket pages or our coin storage box. Paper inserts can be used for identification, but are not included. You'll find them here.

One size fits all coins. Packaged 50 flips per pack. Prices are per pack.