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Rubber Bulb Style Dust Blower with valve -

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This hand held rubber bulb blower has an air valve to prevent it from breathing in dust.  It blows out a powerful stream of air to blow any unwanted dust away  This rubber blower works great to blow any dust on your coin flips prior to placing your coin inside.  Coin flips can be dusty and this is a clean and safe way to remove any dust from the flip without smudging the clear cover.  It is also ideal for watchmakers, jewelers, fine artisans, photographers, woodworkers and any bench needing a simple, tough and durable dust blower. Photographers often use these to clean their lenses and jewelers/watchmakers use these to clear dust from delicate parts.  This little air blower has a multitude of uses.  

Some features include:

  •  Ultra-fine tip allows you to easily direct the air where it is needed most
  • The valve prevents the dust/particles you're clearing from entering back through the nozzle
  •  It is hand operated and has many uses
  • Better for the environment than aerosol canned air
  • Small size make it very portable and easy to use
  • Color may vary from picture.