BCW Peel-N-Seal Coin Flips 2" x 2" - Adhesive seal - No staples required


BCW Peel-N-Seal coin flips have thrown away the stapler and made your collection even cleaner. Simply peel back the release paper, insert your coin and press the two halves together and you have a clean, crisp coin presented without bulky staples. These staple-less flips fit into 20-pocket binder pages and coin boxes just fine.  The coin flip window is made of crystal clear archival polyester

  • Penny flips fit modern Lincoln pennies, steel pennies, wheat pennies, Indian-head pennies and eagle cents.(19.7mm)
  • Nickel flips hold modern Jefferson nickels, buffalo nickels, and Liberty head nickels. (22mm)
  • Dime flips hold modern Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, Barber dimes, Liberty dimes and Bust dimes. (18.6mm)
  • Quarter flips hold modern Washington quarters, Standing Liberty quarters, Barber quarters, and Bust quarters. (24.9mm)
  • Half dollar flips hold modern Kennedy half dollars, Franklin half dollars, Liberty half dollars, barber half dollars, and Bust half dollars. (31.2mm)
  • Small dollar flips hold modern Presidential dollars, Sacagawea dollars and Susan B. Anthony dollars. (27.2mm)
  • Large dollar flips hold Eisenhower dollars, Peace dollars, Morgan dollars, Trade dollars, and Liberty dollars. (38.6mm)

These self-seal coin flips are sold in boxes with 100 flips per box.