Coupon Binder Pages - 50 Page Assortment (5 page types) with Bonus Sleeve

$20.00 $15.99

Here are all the page styles you need to start organizing your coupons.

Multiple pocket sizes are included to hold virtually any size or style coupon. The variety pack avoids the hassle of folding coupons to fit ordinary 9 pocket pages, and lets you easily view both sides.

Archival - Made in USA

Pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC. They have 3 holes to fit all standard 3-ring binders. 

The handy free bonus rigid clear plastic sleeve helps organize pulled coupons or conveniently carry just a few coupons in your purse.

You get a total of 50 pages to hold 260 coupons (or many more if you put more than one in each pocket). Included are ten each of:

  • 4 pocket wide holds your longer coupons, cash and much more up to 2-5/8" x 6-3/8"
  • 3 pocket wide holds your longer coupons, cash and much more up to 3½" x 8"
  • 9 pocket "baseball card" pages hold many smaller coupons up to 2½" x 3½".
  • 6 pocket for tall and internet-printed coupons up to 2½" x 5½"
  • 4 pocket for larger coupons without folding, and other items up to 3¾" x 5½"