Comic Book Stor-folio


The BCW Stor-Folio is a drop back portfolio box. It is an unequaled transportable comic book storage device. The Stor-Folio will hold up to 15 bagged and boarded comic books, or up to 20 loose comic books. The Stor-Folio can be shelved in a bookcase, or carried in your backpack to safely transport your comics to your favorite comic book convention. You can also store up to eight Comic Book Stor-Folios in a BCW magazine box.  Available in Black, Blue, Green, Brown, White and the POW retro comic design.  

Both the front and the spine of the Black Stor-folio feature clear pockets into which a piece of artwork will fit.

The White Stor-folio box has a white paper exterior that is great for sketches and your own personal artwork. 

The remaining Stor-folio boxes have attractive artwork on the exterior that looks good on the shelf or on the go!  

The Stor-folios also feature a secure magnetic closure. They are easy to open, but will not accidentally unfasten. The outside dimensions are: 8 x 11-1/4 x 2 inches and will hold anything up to 7-3/4 x 11.  

Here is a video showing how to use the box.