Coin Flips & Flat Clinch Stapler Bundle

$29.99 $21.99

Here's everything you need to get your coin collection protected and organized into coin flips.

You get 300 top quality, archival cardboard flips: 100 small for cents and dimes, 100 medium for nickels and quarters, and 100 large for half dollars and small dollars. The clear windows are archival-quality polypropylene (no damaging PVC).

You also get a handy, compact flat clinch stapler to secure your coins in the flips. Unlike ordinary staplers, these mini staples clinch nice and flat. That reduces the space your stapled coin flips take, and helps avoid damage to adjacent coins from protruding staples. It also works great for everyday stapling needs around the home or office.
The MAX HD-10FL flat clinch stapler features a unique mechanism prevents staples from falling and allows you to load the staples smoothly. Viewing through the slot makes it easy to check the number of staples remaining in the magazine. It's ergonomic styling makes it very comfortable to use. The unique twin lever mechanism cuts stapling effort by 50%, and a handy staple remover is built right in. 


A free bonus box of 1,000 staples is also included.