6-Pocket Pages with Backing Cards

$10.00 $6.99

Hobbymaster plastic pages attractively display and protect your valued collection.

These pages are perfect for long patches, matchcovers, tickets and similar items up to 2½" x 5½". They have 3 holes to fit standard 3-ring binders.

Archival - Made in USA

The pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC to damage your collection. The U-V barrier helps prevent fading. Items won't stick in the pages so delicate printing won't be damaged.

The black backing cards fit into the page pockets and provide a nice visual background for your items. They make it easy to use both the front and back of the pages. They also provide a little "grip" to make items less likely to slip out of the pockets. They are acid free, highly resistant to fading, made from 50% recycled fiber and are recyclable.

Packaged in packs of 10 pages and 60 backing cards. Prices are per pack.

Pages with Backing Cards are available in other sizes, too. Mix and match at least 3 packs of various sizes to save $1.00 per pack.