Pro Postcard Album


The big "Pro" Postcard Album has a big capacity. 

It includes 50 pages of your choice to hold up to 400 vintage, 300 Continental or 200 large postcards.

Insert one postcard per pocket to see both sides, or two per pocket, back to back, for maximum capacity. (Note: some full sized Continental postcards will not fit into the two bottom pockets of 3-pocket 4" x 6" pages; consider 2-Pocket 5" x 7" pages for larger cards.)

You can add more pages, too — up to about 80 pages to hold up to about 600 postcards.

Archival Pages - Made in USA

Pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC to damage your cards. U-V barrier helps prevent fading. Cards won't stick in the pages — delicate printing won't be damaged.

The album cover is richly padded leatherette. The binder is a big 3½" thick with a clean, attractive look. Pages turn smoothly on positive-locking D-rings that keep the pages neatly aligned. You can customize the cover for your special collecting category by slipping your own title card into the spine pocket. Made in USA.

Choose your color