How do I Buy and Sell Matchcovers

March 23, 2019

How do I Sell My Matchcovers?

There are several ways to sell a collection you have inherited or are no longer interested in.  The first step usually is to join one of the clubs described here.  Once you belong, here are some possibilities:

  1. Advertise your collection in advertisement that some of the clubs make available to members in their newsletters.
  2. Offer your covers for sale through the auctions conducted by many clubs.  Most are conducted by mail, but Pacific Northwest Matchcover Collector's Club runs an auction on their website and Rathkamp Matchcover Society (RMS) runs a live auction at the annual convention.  RMS also runs an auction in its bimonthly bulletin.  You can submit lots for them to sell on your behalf and RMS pays you 75% of the sale price.
  3. Contact club officers or other prominent collectors for names of collectors in your area who are on the lookout for covers to buy.
  4. List your covers for sale on Ebay

How do I Buy Matchcovers?

Whether you are a new collector trying to get a head start on building your collection, or a veteran looking to enlarge an existing collection, you may want to purchase matchcovers.  Just as in selling them, the best first step is to join several matchcover clubs.  Once you belong, you could:

  1. Watch the ads in club newsletters.
  2. Place a "want to buy" ad in a club newsletter.
  3. Bid on covers in the auctions that many clubs run by mail, on a web site, or at their conventions.  
  4. Check Ebay, the on-line auction site which always has many covers available for sale.