Slotted Paper Coin Pages

$19.99 $17.99

These unique pages offer a premium way to store and display your coins. The slotted compartments hold standard coin flips—just slide them into the pocket and they'll stay put.

They are constructed of multi-ply heavy black paperboard. Each page is about 1/10" thick. They are stiff so they stay flat, and fit into Hobbymaster 3-ring albums or any standard 3 ring binder. (Not recommended for use in post bound albums such as Hobbymaster Impresse and Fabrique.)

The stiff construction makes them especially nice for your larger and heavier coins, casino tokens, etc., where a normal plastic page may be too flexible and floppy.

The pages are perfect for coins in 2" x 2" paper flips (with or without stapling), vinyl flips or Saflips.


Page size 8½" x 11". Packaged in packs of 10 pages. Prices are per pack.