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Pro-mold Magnetic Sleeved Card Holder - 180 PT. (5 Year+ UV) - MH180S

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The Pro-Mold Magnetic Trading Card Holder features a gold magnet that provides a super-strong enclosure, which allows the holder to stay closed when dropped while it's still easy enough to open up and put a trading card in it. This holder features a tab on the top of each side that allows you to use a quarter or set of fingernails to open the holder up easily. These holders also feature recessed, arrowhead corners to protect the card's corners if you drop them.  This holder provides 5 years+ of UV protection to prevent the card and autograph from fading, and Pro-Mold magnetic holders are the only ones that have UV certification.

  • Holds standard trading cards
  • 180 point thickness.  
  • 2 piece design with gold magnet
  • Provides lab certified UV protection for your cards.  Blocks 99% of UV Rays for 5+ years.
  • Has a recessed area for your card.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Exterior Dimensions: 2.925" x 4.345" x .320"
  • Interior Dimensions: 2.660" x 3.727" x .186"