Oenophilia Wine Journal

$24.00 $22.99
This colorful, beautifully printed journal will serve as a keepsake to remember the good wines, good friends, and good times. It features some stunning wine photography.
This journal encourages wine lovers to archive the whole wine experience: jot down sensory impressions of a bottle of wine; paste the label on the page; make a note of where the wine was purchased and any other interesting bits of information gleaned from the experts; document social trivia such as entertainment or topics of conversation; and write down any foods enjoyed with the wine and how they might have influenced the palate.
The introduction section includes information on tasting, the wine label, wine sellers, food & friends, and examples of tasting notes. There are tabbed sections for tasting notes and a directory, where you can enter information on wine shops, wineries and miscellaneous. A tasting glossary give you ideas for describing your wines.
  • Spiralbound hardcover with a handy magnetic flap closure.
  • Space for notes on 40 wines.
  • Features informative wine information.
  • Includes 10 Label Lift adhesive label removers in an integrated storage pouch.
  • Made by Oenophilia.