Fabrique Wine Label and Tasting Journal

Never forget that great wine!
Capture your thoughts and impressions about the wines you try.
The Fabrique journal features a beautiful linen cover and versatile post binding system. You'll be proud to display it in your living room or give as a special gift.
Record your tasting notes and rating on special pages that include plenty of free-form comment space. There is also space for you to save the label. The notes area is very flexible. Use whatever rating system you prefer; we don't force you to use a particular scoring system.
The unique page design protects your labels and notes and lets you quickly remove and rearrange your pages without disassembling the book. Just slip the sturdy paper page out of the plastic sleeve. Organize your journal by wine type, date, rating, winery or any way you like. Pages lay completely flat when open and are archival safe and acid free.
It comes with pages for 20 wines. The expanding library spine lets the journal grow with your collection. Add as many pages as you like using refills and extension posts available separately.

Instructions are included for removing your labels from the bottles. 

Color is Pure Black.