Pages with Backing Cards

$10.00 $4.99

Hobbymaster plastic pages attractively display and protect your valued collection.

These pages are perfect for patches, beer coasters, postcards, matchcovers, photos, and other items. They have 3 holes to fit standard 3-ring binders.

Archival - Made in USA

The pages are archival safe with no acid, vinyl or PVC to damage your collection. The U-V barrier helps prevent fading. Items won't stick in the pages so delicate printing won't be damaged.

The black backing cards fit into the page pockets and provide a nice visual background for your items. They make it easy to use both the front and back of the pages. They also provide a little "grip" to make items less likely to slip out of the pockets. They are acid free, highly resistant to fading, made from 50% recycled fiber and are recyclable.

Packaged in packs of 10 pages with backing cards for every pocket (20 to 120 depending on the page size).






Price is $4.99 per pack. Choose the number of packs of each size below.