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Nimbus Floating Display Frame

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The Amazing Nimbus Frame combines technology and innovation to meet the needs of all collectors. Your collectible appears to be floating within the frame. You can view it from both the front and back.
This unique display really easy to use. The special clear silicone membrane gently stretches around the collectible and grips it securely. It offers a quick, unique, and reusable storage solution for all sorts of small objects. 
Here is how it works: Simply open the frame and place your item on the crystal clear film. Close the frame and the magnetic closure holds it tight.
The free standing Nimbus frame is perfect for almost any small collectible — antiques, watches, knives, matchbooks, Zippo lighters, patches, beer coasters, rocks and minerals, coins (in holders), casino chips, military medals, challenge coins, jewelry, thimbles, buttons, heirlooms, wine corks and much more.

• Object seems to float in air

• No adhesives, pins or clamps to damage your items

• Hinged frame with magnetic closure

• Holds a wide variety of items up to about ¾" thick



Note: We suggest placing coins in our Coin Snaps  or similar coin holders to prevent them from slipping—the silicone membrane needs enough tension to hold the objects in place. They are designed to be free standing and do not come with hooks for wall hanging; however, they may be modified with self-adhesive wall mounting supplies from craft or hardware stores. If displaying multiple items in the same frame, they should be of similar thickness.
Overall size: 5-1/8" x 5-1/8" x 1-3/8"
Inside dimensions: 4" x 4" x 1" 
Manufacturer: Lindner